Slipper (Off White)
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These slippers are made of highly elastic polyurethane material with good cushioning and durability. Two sole colors available; off-white and black. You can print your own design on the top part of the slipper.

※ Insert important images in the center dotted area.
※ For full background printing, fill in the background image up to the outermost dotted area.
※ When making 270 size, add the image up to the outermost dotted line.

  • Material: Top = Synthetic leather / Sole = Polyurethane
  • Manufacturer: Sunstar International
  • Made in Korea
  • Size : 230~235, 240, 245~250, 255, 260, 265, 270, ㅤ275~280


※ Be careful with sharp tools.
※ Be careful not to expose to direct sunlight or fire.
※ In case of contamination, wipe with a neutral detergent or wet tissue without bleaching ingredients.
※ The strength of the outsole may feel different depending on the temperature.
※ Regardless of the material of the slipper sole, it is easy to slip in wet places such as tiles, sidewalk blocks, marble, etc. Please be careful when walking.
※ Long-term storage in an enclosed, humid space may cause the sole to fall off or deform.

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Slipper (Off White)
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